Baklar Wren

A mercenary that often worked for the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Baklar was never seen outside of his armor, a modified Mandalorian design.


Baklar Wren was a mercenary that was active before the Battle of Endor, until at least 5 BBY. Baklar was a criminal by the Empire’s standards, but the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as well as various criminal organizations, hired him to organize crews for dangerous jobs.

At some point during 5 ABY, after the Emperor’s reported death aboard the Death Star II, Baklar took a job from a client to search a facility on Imperial-controlled Mustafar and report his findings. Baklar spent much of his budget for the mission on technology that would allow him to circumvent Imperial defenses. As a result, he was only able to hire an inexperienced crew for the mission, consisting of Miles Walker, Fatt Lasto, Fixx, Sarr Valkor, and another mercenary.

Baklar Wren

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